Staying safe - Covid 19

Last year we had to cancel most of our tour - but we were lucky enough to get two weeks of performances in, between the two lockdowns. With health and safety consultancy, and working with two different councils, we updated our show and the way we seat our audience to make the show as COVID-secure as possible, including:

  • seating our audience in family groups, with 2 metres between groups
  • seating our audience 4 metres from the performers
  • adding a hand-washing song - a fun way for us to pause the show for everyone to sanitise regularly
  • disinfecting the bicycles between every user 
  • re-working moments of audience participation in the show to remove any contact between performers and audience
  • temperature checks for audience on arrival
The audience response was excellent, with audiences feeling secure and safe (and delighted to be watching live theatre, despite the weather - we couldn't fix that).
So we will follow the same principles in 2021, keeping within government guidelines, and doing everything we can to look after our company and our audiences. We will also

  • test all company members (lateral flow testing) twice a week
  • have a COVID officer on tour, who will monitor any changes to guidelines and the health and well-being of our company
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.