support us taking the show to more young people...

We are specifically fundraising at the moment to take the show into more community and youth centres, where we reach lots of children and young people who might not be able to attend the festivals we visit. These performances need subsidy because it's quite a big operation to set up and tour the show, and whilst the schools and centres might be able to make a contribution to that, we need to cover most of the expenses at our end.  

Your donations help us to spread the show's environmental message, its joy and its love of cycling. You'd be surprised at how often the participation in the show is the very first time a child has ever sat on a bike. But we have to fundraise to make it happen.  

Could you help us with a donation? If so, please click on one of the links below. If you'd prefer to make a donation by cheque or transfer, or help in another way - please just get in touch.  

A big heart-felt, pedal-powered thank you for your help and support.